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ONLINE Resources

Everything you need to get started as an artist

Art & Writing Podcasts, Blogs & Books, YouTube Art Channels, Online Art Educational Courses & In-person Workshops, Painting Reference & Textures, Art Printers & Business Materials, Photoshop Plugins & Brushes, Social Media Management Apps & More Resources for Creative Writers.


Art Supplies

Art tools & supplies that I love, use & recommend

Watercolor paint brushes, watercolor paints in tubes and pans, watercolor paper, misc art tools that I use, and more!



Tutorials, TIME-LAPSE videos, art Vlogs & more!


Reference Images

for reference & art making


Bali Stone Statuary

This collection includes 90 images of stone structures and statuary, carved details and accents, from Bali Indonesia.

Mayan Chichen Itza

This collection includes 151 images from the Chichen Itza archaeological site, including the main iconic temple as well as a dozen or so surrounding ruins.