"Immersed in Blue" - Watercolor Painting

I started this painting in a location where I have started many others, out at the coffee shop with a friend. There is something about being out in the bustling environment that allows me to focus in on things that I normally could. To harness ideas that I normally wouldn't approach.

For this painting, I wanted to play with more underwater themes. I love the drifting sea and the magical elements one can find within it. I love the ocean and would like to play more around these themes in future.

As you may have noticed, while this piece does include blues it is a gradient of greens to blues. If you've ever been diving or snorkeling, what seems quite blue on the surface can actually be wonderfully green to blue beneath.

Underwater landscapes have always fascinated me. The feeling of weightlessness floating in the center, below the surface of light and above the dark deep, completely immersed in blue.

One new element that I've added to this piece is a colored line. Up to this point, I've only done a few pieces with the line in color. I've chosen to use blues and greens to soften the line effect. In my samples that I tested before putting ink to paper, I thought my usual black too harsh. For the line I've used Pentel colored pencil.

The original "Immersed in Blue" is available right now through my shop.