Worldbuilding - Narrative

When we last left off in this worldbuilding series I shared a little of the "why" behind starting my own world.

Today I want to continue onto the how I found seeds of my story and started crafting a narrative. It's one thing to have a desire to create a world, to understand your "why" around building it, but many flounder while trying to find a concrete “something”  to attach their “why” to. This is where narrative and story come in.

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Guest Blog Post - "Traveling to Conventions by Airplane"

Hi! I'm excited to share that I've written a guest blog post for the One Fantastic Week blog, a business and art focused community that I am apart of.

Since I share frequently my resources in how I run my business I think you will find this educational, especially if you are thinking about going to any sort of show or convention further away.

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The Harvest Festival - Show Wrap-up

This fall I took on a whole new type of art show, The Harvest Festival, and I wanted to share a little bit of my experience with you.

As an independent artist that is building an audience and making a fair portion of my income from shows like this I think it's important to share my own takeaways in the hopes that someone else can learn from my experiences. If you follow my YouTube channel you already know that I'm fairly candid with the information I share and I hope to be able to bring that same kind of candor here to my blog as well.

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Illuxcon 2017

This year was my third year attending one of my favorite art events of the year, Illuxcon.

Illuxcon is it's own kind of show. It's hard to describe because there are few shows that I've found that are similar to it. The best that I can do is use their own words. Illuxcon is:

A ground-breaking art show, symposium, and celebration dedicated solely to imaginative realism—bringing artists, students, collectors, and art fans together for an annual gathering intended to inspire and create further awareness and zeal for imaginative realism and all that’s encompassed in the realm of the fantastic.
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"Immersed in Blue" - Watercolor Painting

I started this painting in a location where I have started many others, out at the coffee shop with a friend. There is something about being out in the bustling environment that allows me to focus in on things that I normally could. To harness ideas that I normally wouldn't approach.

For this painting, I wanted to play with more underwater themes. I love the drifting sea and the magical elements one can find within it. I love the ocean and would like to play more around these themes in future.

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The Book of Spells - A watercolor painting for the Month of Love

A watercolor painting for the Month of Love challenge theme "Secrets".

This year I will be creating art centered around my foxdragon character and exploring more the relationship between it and a little girl and more my fantastical environments. "The Book of Spells" was created for the challenge theme secrets. I loved the idea of these two friends meeting in a vast leafy jungle, hidden under layers of monstera plants.

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