Back to the Basics | Day 6-10

Another update on my art progression. If you follow this blog or my facebook page you already know that I've been pushing out a lot of work in the just the past few days. It doesn't feel like it's only been 5 days but time flies by when you're having fun, learning new things and creating. I've found a lot of resources out there for the freelance artist or for the self-taught. They have created a lot of ideas flowing. I feel like I've made some huge leaps and bounds in just going through a few worksheets on thinking through the more business side of art creation.

One artist I've been following is Melissa. She has some wonderful ideas for creating a "creative sandbox", a place you can play creatively without fear. One of her quotes that I think applies to more than just the creative process is...

The very things we long for the most are usually the ones that also foster the most fear and resistance.

On that note I long and love to paint scenes or people from my imagination. And so I've been approaching that particular topic with a bit of intimidation.

Here is my work from the last 5 days. Sorry, no commentary since they're all finished pieces. Enjoy!