An October Walk

I go for walks on occasion. Actually I walk everywhere all of the time but sometimes I choose to walk without going somewhere specifically. Today was one of those days.


We just had a typhoon pass through in the early hours of this morning so people were still cleaning the streets up as I walked the city. One of the amazing things about the Japanese people is their care and pride for the community they live in. There is never trash left about and fallen debris are quickly picked up, not by public workers, but by home owners or shop keepers. Something to be admired.

I took the shorter route in the direction of the Navy base. I like going this way as it's quiet. There weren't many people out. We are on the top of our hill so any direction I choose to go is downhill.

This road, to me, is quite "normal". In Indonesia they do this often as well and I wonder if Japan is where they got the idea from. The shallow steps are there to help pushing up a bike or simply for walking on.


The road continues until this point where it ends at steps.

I turned to look back up the hill for a shot and look what I found. It didn't run, just curled up more. I didn't want to scare it off so I left it be. I have my own kitties at home for cuddling.

An October Walk, Yokosuka,Japan |
An October Walk, Yokosuka,Japan |

As you walk down the steps I pass behind a hospital and a shrine, tucked away here. Unfortunately this Shinto shrine it is off limits to Navy personnel. I would be allowed to enter but not Anson.


A quick stop at the ATM just outside base and back over the pedestrian walkway. The pastel colors caught my eye here so I stopped for a photo.


A view over the street of traffic as the sun is getting ready to set.

Since I was wandering I decided to stop in a little sewing shop I spied a few days ago on one of the main streets. I haven't been sewing in quite a while now, other than making a few covers for my camera and tablet, and hoped to find some inspiration. The wonderful thing about living in Japan is it is so much easier to find the types of fabric patterns and themes that I really enjoy; Japanese and oriental in general.

Everything about this shop was exquisite, from the details to the craftsmanship. Even the owner, an older woman, was dressed elegantly in her kimono and jacket. I picked out a few squares of fabric and asked if I could take a few photos before I left.

An October Walk, Yokosuka,Japan |
An October Walk, Yokosuka,Japan |

Two full walls of just buttons! Like everything here, I'm always amazed at how much variety you can find in just one place.

I headed home after this and didn't photograph the busy "Blue Street" scene.

This home is at the bottom of our hill. I'm not completely sure if someone lives here but there is occasionally someone here checking on it. It is an odd sight in a world of traditional dark wood siding or plastic and concrete.


The carports under homes, a lot like ours. I love the brightly colored yellow house.

And an older Japanese home that I would also love to see the inside of.

An October Walk, Yokosuka,Japan |
An October Walk, Yokosuka,Japan |
An October Walk, Yokosuka,Japan |
An October Walk, Yokosuka,Japan |

My walk ended with a sudden scramble to the top of the hill to catch this beautiful sunset. It was much more spectacular in person but I think I caught the colors just right.

An October Walk, Yokosuka,Japan |
An October Walk, Yokosuka,Japan |

What aspects of life here in Japan would you like to see next?