naomi vandoren watercolor foxdragon fantasy art

It all began on a layover in hong kong...

In 2015, on my way back to Japan, I decided that I wanted to try my hand at painting an imaginary little creature. I love animals and wanted to create a cute dragon of my own to live in my whimsical fantasy world of art.

In a preemptive attempt to overcome jetlag, and also to be productive during a layover in Hong Kong, I sketched my very first foxdragon.

What I didn’t know at the time was that this piece would become an ongoing series of foxdragon art. In the years since it has evolved into a world of work including a trilogy of novels.

"An Offering of Light" (SOLD)

"Fen's Forest" (SOLD)

"First Foxdragon" (SOLD)

"Albino FoxDragon" (SOLD)



A free-spirited young orphaned girl must save a foxdragon from the magic that is corrupting their lush tropical world and the ancient city they live in.

- from Naiya & the Foxdragon, a Foxdragon Novel


"The Morning Market" (Limited Edition Prints)

"The Gift"   (NFS)

"The Gift" (NFS)

“Tales of the Mystical Foxdragon”  (SOLD)

“Tales of the Mystical Foxdragon” (SOLD)

Morning in Paradise” (SOLD)

"The Great Docks of Ora" (SOLD)

“ Morning Run  (SOLD)

Morning Run (SOLD)

"Arched Alleyways"  (SOLD)

"Arched Alleyways" (SOLD)

"The Story Tree"  (SOLD)

"The Story Tree" (SOLD)

The Archive

Retired Work from the foxdragon world

(these pieces are all sold)

"Rest" (SOLD)


Timelapse Videos

from the Foxdragon Series