"Fen's Forest" (SOLD)

"Albino FoxDragon" (SOLD)

"Afternoon Walk" (SOLD)

"An Offering of Light" (SOLD)



A free-spirited young orphaned girl must save a foxdragon from the magic that is corrupting their lush tropical world and the ancient city they live in.

- from Naiya & the Foxdragon, a Foxdragon book



"The Book of Spells" (SOLD)

"The Heart Key" (SOLD)

"Book of Secrets" (SOLD)

"The Gift"   (NFS)

"The Gift" (NFS)

Morning in Paradise” (Available)

“ Morning Run  (SOLD)

Morning Run (SOLD)

"The Story Tree"  (SOLD)

"The Story Tree" (SOLD)

naomi vandoren watercolor foxdragon fantasy art

It all began on a layover in hong kong...

In 2015, on my way back to Japan, I decided that I wanted to try my hand at painting a little creature. I love animals and wanted to create a cute dragon of my own to live in my whimsical fantasy world of art.

In a preemptive attempt to overcome jetlag, and also to be productive during a layover in Hong Kong, I sketched my very first foxdragon.

"Rest" (SOLD)

"First Foxdragon" (SOLD)

"Magic's Resting Place" (SOLD)

"Azure" (SOLD)


Timelapse Videos

from the Foxdragon Series