Naomi's Reference Image Collections

for reference & art making

Bali Stone Statuary

This collection includes 90 images of stone structures and statuary, carved details and accents, from Bali Indonesia.

Mayan Chichen Itza

This collection includes 151 images from the Chichen Itza archaeological site, including the main iconic temple as well as a dozen or so surrounding ruins.

More collections to follow
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Tutorials, TIME-LAPSE videos, art Vlogs & more!

Guest Interviews

Growing list of Places I've been interviewed as a guest


Online Resource Links

Paid & free resources across the web

Podcasts + Blogs

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Creative Pep Talk Podcast - "Helping creative's strike the perfect balance between art and business."

Pencil Kings - Artist interviews covering a broad range of topics from different art related industries.



Social Media Examiner
A marketing podcast about navigating the online world of social media.

Your Creative Push - Interviews with a variety of creative individuals in order to inspire listeners to pursue your creative passion.


Articles on art, interviews, reviews & more.

YouTube Channels

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Bobby Chiu
Interviews, vlogging & demos from Schoolism's founder.

CG Master Academy (CGMA)
Online learning resource, class previews & artist interviews.

Digital painting speedpaints & tutorials.

Draw with Jazza
Tutorials, speedpaintings & streams.

Feng Zhu
Digital. Takes you through his concept art process and talks about art and the industry.

James Gurney
Watercolor & gouache tutorials & plein air painting techniques.

One Fantastic Week ★ 
Discussing the business of selling your art, working at shows and interviewing other artist in the industry.

Pencil Kings
Turtorial videos covering all kinds of art related topics.

Drawing. Instructional how to draw videos for beginner to advanced.

Ron Lemen ★ 
Excellent technique & drawing tutorials.

Sketch with Teoh
Sketching tips, product reviews, watercolour and fountain pens for painting & drawing.

Stephanie Law ★ 
Watercolor tutorials & process videos.

Drawing. A mix of instructional videos about drawing, anatomy and composition as well as artists interviews.

Ross Draws
Ditigal painting & interviews with a flare only Ross can add.

Art Educational Courses

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In-person Workshops

The Fantastic Workshop ★ 
Run by One Fantastic Week, the workshop focuses on the art of business & making it in the art world.

Legendeer ★
Helping artist find their own voice through workshops & outdoor experiences.

Illuxcon ★
A "fine art symposium exhibition dedicated solely to imaginative realism and the art of fantasy and science fiction" with a focus on original work. Live workshops & panels during the week feature a variety of artists.

online Courses

Lemenaid (coming soon) ★ 
Online learning with Ron & Vanessa Lemen, my current mentors. View their blog for some free resources from Ron or read MuddyColors articles from Ron or Vanessa.

Schoolism - $
A well known online school with wide range of courses offered by a variety of professional instructors. Students have the option to choose to receive video feedback or follow pre-recoded lectures.

SMART School - $
With an impressive lineup of instructors Smart School is spoken highly of in the community and offers classes for beginning and experienced artists alike.


Ctrl+Paint - Free
“A free learning resource dedicated to the basics of digital painting. Each bite-sized video covers a different concept, allowing you to learn complex subjects in manageable increments.”


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Reference Images

Naomi's Pinterest Boards
Inspirational work & reference material including art tutorials, portrait & clothing reference.

Pinterest Character Design References & Pinterest Art Link ★ 
A huge collection of thousands of references for character design & art help/reference on all subjects.
A figure & gesture drawing tool & great way to practice.
A library of 3D figures for reference drawing.

A reference library of figures in motion. Other art resources are also available on this site.
For studying art masters.

Easy 3D modeling software.

Free Textures & Stock images

Sirius-sdz ★ 
Colorful textures.
Focuses on textures.
Photos & Illustrations

Photoshop + Design

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Photoshop Brushes

Kyle Webster Brushes $ ★
My primary brush set that mimics more traditional media. I recommend the MegaPack. - $ 
Great set if you're looking for more traditional brushes. Quite pleased with the realistic watercolor and oil brushes.

Free Brush options

Houston Sharp
Darek Zabrocki

Photoshop Plugins

Hej Stylus ★ 
Stroke smoothing for Mac

Perspective Grids Plugin
Enables you to create multi-point perspective paths.

A seperate app used in conjunction with Photoshop. A simple way to view and organize your reference images.

Color Constructor - $7
A study and workflow tool. Design the colours and values for a painting or image according to a light source.

Photoshop alternatives

Canva - Free
A free online design program. A great alternative to InDesign for some quick design layout projects.


Font Squirrel


Color Scheme Designer
Kuler Squirrel

Prints & Printing

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Art Prints

CatPrint - ($10 off with my link)
Excellent quality printing services I use for my open edition prints.

I Print from Home
Excellent giclee print prices & quality.

Berkley Giclee
Local printer where I print giclee prints.


Business Materials

Moo (Get 10% Off your first Moo business cards when you use my link)

Postcards & business card printing.

Even More

Book Printing

Career & Product development

Art Order
Career and product development services for the creative professional.


my #1 Social media MANAGEMENT apps

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UNUM - Instagram
A free app for curating your feed, scheduling & analytics.

IFTTT - Multi-platform
Post to multiple social media platforms at once.


SnapSeed - Photo Editing
As a photographer this is the only app I use for editing photos on the go before I post to Instagram.

Art Supplies I Love,
Use & Recommend

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