I am an artist & illustrator working in watercolor & digital media, creating whimsical fantasy worlds inspired by endless travel & exploration.



I am an adventurer at heart, a nomad, & most importantly, an artist.


I've spent most of my life abroad. I grew up in the Spice Islands of Indonesia. Much of my inspiration comes from my childhood of travel and immersion into a variety of cultures.

For as long as I can remember I've made art in some form or another. I began as a young photographer and artist and graduated high school knowing that I wanted to pursue a creative field. I have a formal education in graphic design but have given it up in pursuit of art and illustration. After moving to Japan in 2013, I decided to dive into painting digitally full time, and my passion for drawing and painting blossomed. In 2015, I experienced painting in watercolor for the first time and found it to be the perfect medium for traveling with and haven't put it down since.

My work

I love creating worlds that reflect my deep desire for adventure, exploration, and magical imagination. revolves around imaginative worlds, epic fantasy environments, and visual storytelling, and I am often inspired by a location or the feeling embodied in an area I have visited. Many of my paintings include small figures in contrast with immersive landscapes to emphasize scale and depth. I currently work primarily in both digital and watercolor mediums but am always trying new things and looking for novel ways to enchant my audience.

Inspiration & Travel

I am passionate about all aspects of life, and I devote a significant amount of time to travel, photography, reading and writing, camping and hiking in addition to my art. My paintings reflect this deep desire to explore not only the world I live in but also the ones that are not yet invented.

Naomi VanDoren. 2016


I currently reside in the San Francisco Bay Area with my awesome and supportive husband and our two siamese cats.

~ Naomi