"The Great Tree"   (SOLD)  Prints & Merchandise Coming Soon!

Naomi vandoren mini hobbit paintings fantasy watercolor

The beginning of a good story...

If I were to look back on my career as an artist I can pinpoint my early writing and art inspirations in 6th grade, when I first read the Hobbit. The maps intrigued me and so I began sketching some of my own to go with my writings.

In 2015 I took on the challenge to create one ink drawing a day for October, #inktober. Little did I know that the mini halfling paintings that I created that year would spark a new series for me.


  "The Last Homely House"     A tribute to Rivendell ( Original Available ) Prints & Merchandise Coming soon!

"The Last Homely House"  A tribute to Rivendell (Original Available)
Prints & Merchandise Coming soon!

"Rosie's Garden"  (SOLD)
Prints & Merchandise

"Underhill in Summer"  (SOLD)

  "Underhill in Spring"     (Available)

"Underhill in Spring"  (Available)