An Offering of Light - 2017 Art Book

An Offering of Light - 2017 Art Book


A book of sketches & finished artworks in watercolor from Naomi VanDoren. In it she explores her journey through watercolor and the highlights from her third year of working in the medium.


*Published in 2018

The book is a perfect bound, 8 x 10 in,  glossy softcover book. It is filled with 38 pages of beautiful full-color images and text.

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Art is a journey, and the journey I take becomes a part of my art. I am a whimsical watercolor artist and for as long as I can remember I've been creating and traveling the globe. For me these two things are inseparable. The places I've found are the inspiration for the worlds that I create on paper. I find magic in these epic locations.

I am an habitual wanderer. This book documents my journey through art over this year.

This year's art book contains 30 completed paintings, a handful of sketches, behind the scenes process shots, my thoughts on creating the artwork and what inspired it.