A New Sun Rising - 2018 Art Book

A New Sun Rising - 2018 Art Book


A book of sketches & finished artworks in watercolor. I explore my journey through watercolor and the highlights from my fourth year of working in the medium.


*Published in 2019

The book is a perfect bound, 8 x 10 in,  glossy softcover book. It is filled with 34 pages of beautiful full-color images and text.

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As a wanderer and a creative, the process of creating is tightly intertwined with the natural, and imaginary, worlds. Here you'll find lush tropical environments, fantastical characters under twisting trees and vast cities that exist only in our imagination.

This year's art book contains 27 completed paintings in watercolor and pen. Along with the finished artwork you will find glimpses behind the scenes, process shots, sketches and my thoughts on creating the artwork and what inspired it.

Each year I include a few highlights from my travels at the beginning of the book. The places I visit and see often set a tone or mood for the art that follows.