What is in my daypack?

Naomi VanDoren What is in my daypack post

Since getting back from a 2 month trip spent hiking and camping I thought it would be fun to share with you what is in my daypack and the art supplies I carry with me when we are out hiking for the day.

Naomi VanDoren What is in my daypack post
  1. Winsor & Newton Watercolor pan. I love this set. At first the pans of watercolor rattled around so I secured them with sticky tack on the bottom of each. In the extra space I keep a folded paper towel for cleaning and my eraser.

  2. Waterbrush. I like to use my water brush for quick, loose sketches.

  3. Brushes. I normally only need 2-3, a large brush for washes and a small for detail work. Here is my favorite, a number 4, that I use for most of my work.

  4. Water Cup. This little jar is also water tight.

  5. Paper Towels.

  6. Watercolor block or sketchbook. (not pictured) If I’m planning on working from life I’ll bring my spiral bound watercolor sketchbook. Only if I think I’ll have time for something more finished (and imaginative) will I bring a watercolor block. Both of these I store in a watertight zip-lock bag. I like to work small so my sketchbook is a 6x9 inch.
    - Strathmore Watercolor Sketchbook
    - Fluid Watercolor Block
    - Arches Watercolor Block

  7. Paper tape. For taping off my borders. I prefer a cream or white tape to the typical blue painters tape.

  8. Ruler. For adding the clean straight border lines to my finished work.

  9. Pen. A waterproof pigment ink pen. Here I'm using a Copic Multiliner.

  10. White Gel Pen. (not pictured) Often I bring a white gel pen to add finishing touches to a painting such as highlights in water.

  11. Pencil. For my initial rough linework. I prefer a mechanical pencil for the fine lines.

  12. Eraser. I like to use these little ones rather than a kneaded art eraser which will usually get gunked up in my bag.

  13. Water bottle. Stay hydrated and for refilling my brush if there is no local water to refill it from. I bring a water filter for when we are out and water is available to refill. During our trip I reused a throwaway plastic water bottle; they are lighter to carry when empty.

  14. Sun hat & sunscreen. The hat is from REI. It folds up and fits into my bag for easy storage and travel.

  15. Daypack. This specific pack is an attachment to my larger Osprey Waypoint pack. A 15 liter daypack, it easily holds everything including my camera. Here is a slightly larger option.

Naomi VanDoren What is in my daypack post