The Unmarked Road - Digital Painting

Excited to announce I’ve finished a new painting, “The Unmarked Road”. Anson came up with the title and has followed it’s development from a thumbnail. I think of them as exiled sisters of some long forgotten order. But I’ll let you imagine up their history. And keep reading, there is a video at the end! (Edit: a print is now available!)

The idea was born from a thumbnail:


I wanted to keep this piece very loose and rough, a lot of dry, raw marks, and to avoid the overworked painting style that I see all too often. When I work on a piece I find that if I work too long in one area it begins to degrade and get muddy, everything blends. This was certainly excellent practice in self control and knowing when enough was enough.

Oddly my favorite part is the little flowers here at the base of the sister's skirts and the shadow as her cape curls back in the wind.