Society6 Framed Art Print Review + Photos

A review with photos of a pre-framed Society6 art print. I recently purchased two Society6 framed art prints and want to share my experience and thoughts in a review of sorts with you. As I haven't seen very many people talking about the quality of the prints or the framing, I hope my thoughts and photos here will help clarify any doubts you have about purchasing from them in the future.

Society6 is currently where I am almost exclusively selling my art & photography prints. Up until this point I had not purchased an art print from them, only an iPhone case (see a review I posted about it here). The reason for buying a framed art print vs an individual print and then framing it myself was actually because of time constraints and, surprisingly, cost. To frame it myself, after purchasing the $20 print, would add an additional to $40 - $50 or more for a frame and custom matting. As it turned out each framed print from Society6 cost me $70. Yes it still had to be shipped so I wasn't saving any money but the time it saved was well worth it. Society6 frequently offers free shipping so in the future I will hopefully have the luxury of timing my purchases accordingly.

Photo Review

The framed prints took only 2 days to be created. I ordered late in the evening on the first day and they were shipped the evening of the third and arrived about a week later. Both framed prints arrived in this huge box!

Inside they were nice and securely wrapped in big bubble wrap and anchored with cardboard. I ended up hanging on to the box and used it to transport them as my entries to the South Carolina State Fair in Columbia.


The back of each frame arrived with some really heavy duty wiring. My guess is that they use this same wire for the even larger prints. Regardless, wire is certainly my preferred method of hanging a print.

And now to the unboxed prints! (drumroll please...) Keep in mind that there is just a little bit of glare on each, though I certainly tried to minimize it when shooting. If you're curious and want to compare, click on each print image to take you to the digital version.

As far as print quality goes I am so happy. Each print is printed with such detail on lovely archival matte paper. Unfortunately, and this was my learning experience, as is common with most printing, both prints printed darker than on screen. Next time I will lighten each image ever so slightly to get the look I want.

I did a test and reprinted the color print "Cathedral Rock" to see if I could adjust the color to make it more vibrant. Let's just say that the quality of printing from both reputable locations couldn't shine a light on the quality of printing from Society6. I threw the others out.

Society6 has several different frame styles to pick from. My choice here was "Vector Black". It's quite a sleek modern frame and is something I wouldn't be ashamed to hang in a gallery.

The white border/matting you see is actually the print paper simply cut to the size of your frame.

Do Buy if...

  • you're looking for something unique or artsy.
  • you need high quality printing.
  • you're under time constraints & framing it yourself isn't an option.

Don't Buy if...

  • you\'re on a tight budget.
  • you want an inexpensive gift (<$10).


  • Made by: Society6
  • Size: Medium (Gallery) 22" x 22"
  • Material: solid wood (frame), acrylic
  • Frame Style: Vector Black
  • Cost: $73.46 (without artist discount, $82)