Sky Smuggler - Game Design

About a month ago now, Anson's brother, Tim, visited us here in San Diego. While he was here the guys started a project together, writing up the code for a web game for what is now called "Sky Smuggler". During this process I was happily roped in to do any and all design work. And today I wanted to share it with you. I believe we're still in beta right now but it is quickly approaching a very finished version. Want to join in the fun? Try it out! I'll know you have been when I see your name on the high scores list!

Sky Smuggler is a space trading game inspired by the classic Rebel Trader game of the late 1990s. Buy low, sell high while avoiding marauding pirates and capricious authorities on the lookout for contraband.

The game is futuristic and sci-fi in visual style. Since it was inspired by a late 1990s game I let some of the earlier games design influence only a few decisions such as the typical sci-fi lens flare and our terminal text. We hope in future to release an app version for your mobile device. And if you notice any bugs while playing don't hesitate to submit a bug report!