Sea Nettle Illustration

Tonight that I wanted to share a bit more about a painting I finished. You may have already ran across it elsewhere but may not know that it was one of those ugly unfinished pieces that sits in a folder somewhere and collects dust. I no longer have what it used to look like but it was about as simple and boring as this, the image below. Quite uninspired I left it with no plans to return.


Sea Nettle | Print Available

Funny how a mood strikes you and suddenly you have just the piece or idea to create or finish it. And that's exactly what happened here. Suddenly, now weeks later, I go from boring to inspired. And not only that but inspired to create more.

In total I spent about about 2 hours in photoshop on this piece. The title "Sea Nettle" is actually the name of the jellyfish that inspired me. It's white with pink accents. Enjoy!