Is sentimentality worth the clutter?

Clutter, stuff, things. They are all synonymous in my mind. When I think of clutter I think stress, unproductivity, and hassle. Why do we hang on to so much? I am quite a sentimental person; for years I have kept ticket stubs from movies or travels. I love to scrapbook these memories, and some have made it onto a few pages, or at least helped me to remember a moment or event that I was then able to record. But the clutter it has created!... So many things in our home that I have dragged around from place to place that don't even carry a particular sentiment. I think the words of Mark Manson describe my feelings and need for change quite well in his blog post "Minimalism".

After reading his article, doing much thinking, and receiving a bit of encouragement I have decided to challenge myself to do a bit of decluttering. A massive spring cleaning attack on the house would work for most things but since our last move a lot of these things in the "easy to get rid of" category have been thrown out so I am taking on a different approach. To challenge myself I have decided to get rid of one thing a day (or more). So far I have a half filled box of clothes, towels and odd bits of things to take to Goodwill... it's a start, at least.

Any of your thoughts on clutter are greatly appreciated. Maybe this is a topic you've found easy to overcome. Words of wisdom?