Germany: Day Two

Anson and I stayed up late last night enjoying the rare event of watching TV. Or really, it was me that stayed up and Anson dozed on the couch next to me. At the moment we are at Barns & Noble catching up on reading and, for Anson, much needed morning coffee. After this off to see some apartments. Back again at Barns & Noble for internet and to spend the evening until we can head over to the Air Force base for our late night flight. Our apartment search was quite successful. I had put together a detailed list of about 6 apartments before we headed down here on Monday. We are looking at moving into the Mount Pleasant area since it is a short drive over the river to North Charleston where Anson will be going to school again at the Navy base. The Mount Pleasant area is lovely and the weather is so warm and breezy. Raleigh feels stifling in comparison.

The first "luxury apartment homes" where just over the bridge on Daniel's Island and wow, was I impressed. The only place we could afford was a 600 square foot one bedroom. To get to it we walked through the building's garage and into the elevator which lead to the ACd apartment hallways. It was such a small space and I don't think we would have fit in to the community at all with there valet trash pickup, fancy cars and spiffy lawns you could eat off of. After looking at a little more affordable place down the road we wound up at Belle Hall Apartments, right next to Seacoast Church. I am so excited about this place. From there we can walk to church plus we can afford a 2 bedroom since they give a 5% discount to military. So after a quick dinner at a deli and some pondering we went back and submitted our application. Hopefully we will hear something from them when we get back.