Family Day Cruise

Today was the Family Day Cruise on the USS George Washington (GW), stationed here in Yokosuka, Japan. The ship, and my man, only just pulled in yesterday and so a day together, and a day off of work for him, was a welcome thing. Anson's brother, Tim, is also here, visiting from Texas. Since we moved to Japan and before they left back in May, I've had the chance to be on board several times. My usual reason was to eat with Anson or just visit. Often, if it is free, we end up in his state room (shared with 3 others) and play xbox games or just sit and talk. Today, in a way, it was no different. The three of us walked down to the Navy Base bright and early from our house and arrived at the ship 0500. Since we arrived so early we didn't have to wait in any lines to board.

To summarize, our day consisted of leaving port, going out about 20 miles or so off shore, a breakfast in the hanger bay, an air show with two jets landing and showing off maneuvers at very fast speeds, a helicopter landing men on the deck, destroyers demonstrating their firing power, lunch and then coming back to port. In between all of the planned activities we wandered around. Anson gave us a bit of a tour of the inside of the ship. Sadly he couldn't show us anything where he works for obvious reasons (he's a nuke). Down time and meals we ate in the Anson's state room as the hanger bay was very crowded. On our return trip there wasn't much to do as we had done all of our exploring that morning so, with the lights out, we all took a nice long nap in the room. It was weird at first but quite the cool experience to nap in Anson's top bunk. With the curtains closed and the ships white noise soothing me to sleep I was out in minutes!

And one more thing before we get to the photos... I do want to add that I have a video of today as well but it will be coming out separately and at a later time.

USS George Washington Family Day Cruise, Yokosuka Japan |
USS George Washington Family Day Cruise, Yokosuka Japan |

To simplify things I've divided our day into sections. Each photo has a description to follow along.

In Port

Departing Yokosuka

An Inside Tour

The Fantail

One of my favorite shots. I like the swirling blue.
One of my favorite shots. I like the swirling blue.

The Bridge

The Sea & Air Power Demonstrations

I hope you enjoyed the virtual tour! Stay tuned for a video too!

Have you ever been abroad a military vessel?