Charleston to San Diego: Day 5

Can anyone guess what activity we entertained ourselves with this evening? (Remember, we are in Texas.) If your guess was range shooting, target practice or firing at paint cans you are correct! We had a blast out at a friend of the family's ranch shooting two hand guns just for fun. I came home with some neat photo shots too!

Our target with the a spray paint can hanging from it, Anson's youngest brother's experiment to see what it would do when shot. Sadly it let us down and only dripped paint on the field and no explosions like I'm sure they had hoped.

Trying out a Beretta is serious business... actually I was trying to control my breathing. :)

Anson making short work of our target.

And to end our evening we headed over to the family owned cafe and yogurt bar in downtown Kilgore, Downtown D'Lites, to play games. I neglected to take a photo when we were there yesterday of my new prints and their (hopefully) temporary home. In order from left to right is Horseshoe Bend, First Snow,Lake Johnson in Winter, and Yosemite.