There has been a lot of change in our house lately. Anson and I both have been eliminating eccess clutter in our lives. It started with walking regularly and being a little more careful about what we eat and has exploded into a huge effort of eliminating anything that causes stress in our home (that is, unwashed dishes, uncompleted projects, things we don't need or use). We started with the bookshelves and progressed to the bedroom drawers, kitchen cabinets and finally the garage. In light of my new found freedom I have finally decided to make the move here, to wordpress, where things are clean and clutter free and appeal to my designers eye. One of my other reasons for moving is because Anson and I are planning an upcoming trip to Germany. Wordpress is iPod application friendly so updating my blog while on the run will be much easier, especially since we do not plan on bringing a laptop along.

I still have yet to get my old blog posts transfered properly, will still exist but here will be my new blogging home.


Updates on our packing experiences and travel plans to come hopefully soon.