Arizona & California: Day 1-2

I am traveling again. This time back to Arizona for a bit longer then before, and after on to California were I hope to get some fabulous photos of the redwoods, a location I have never visited. The reason I am back here again is because my grandpa has enlisted my help in putting up on the web his huge genealogical book about our family, the Raines. In the coming days I will be setting up a domain, hosting server and finally designing a look and navigation for this project and putting in his content. It sounds rather boring but I think it will look quite smart in the end. Today is my second day here. The flight here was wonderful as I had an entire row of 3 seats to myself to spread out on. Quite nice.

Anyways, I won't keep you. Though I do hope you com back for an update or two. Photos to come, for sure on the second half of my trip!

Edit: Also I wanted to mention my theme change. Sorry to confuse you. I was feeling claustrophobic not having a navigation bar and this was the closest to my previous theme. I hope you enjoy the new areas of my blog. Have fun exploring!