Arizona & Colorado: Day 10

Today we drove from Loveland, CO through the Rockies and down to Denver. A very roundabout way to go but the view was worth it.

Our first stop, a canyon with water and lots of logs. While snapping shots here I had an audience complete with what looks like popcorn. Like I said in my last post ...squirrel whisperer. He came back twice to check on me!

Colorado-Rocky-Mountain-Park-Naomi-VanDoren 4
Colorado-Rocky-Mountain-Park-Naomi-VanDoren 5
Colorado-Rocky-Mountain-Park-Naomi-VanDoren 3

At the top of some switchbacks on a oneway dirt road.

Colorado-Rocky-Mountain-Park-Naomi-VanDoren 2

Back on top of the mountains, retracing our route slightly from yesterday. The area up here reminds me a lot of Scotland... the tundra and exposed rock, the color minus the smoke in the air. And below, Dad in front of a pretty spectacular view.

Colorado-Rocky-Mountain-Park-Naomi-VanDoren 1

I did a quick calculation with google maps to see how many miles total we have driven on this trip. It came out to 1,578 miles!