Arizona & Colorado: Day 1

It feels wonderful to board a plane again! At present I am in Camp Verde Arizona, visiting with the grandparents as well as with my dad.

I had a wonderful two flights here, well one at least. My first flight left Charleston at 5:30 AM and up until the very last moment of boarding the plane I thought I would have a row to myself. But my hopes were dashed when a young man of uncomfortably large proportions sat beside me, and by that I mean sat in his and a good portion of my seat. I felt so bad for him because he was clearly uncomfortable with the situation and I was most definitely distressed. I don't particularly care to touch strangers, and certainly not rub elbows and thighs. The flight attendant attended us and I was gracefully moved to a forward exit row seat. The flight from Charleston to Charlotte is such a short hop that you barely have time to situate, pull your electronic device out, shuffle several cards around the solitaire game you were previously interrupted from, then they're asking you to "please turn off all electronic devices at this time". So I slept. Kind of. The highlight of this flight was most certainly the previously mentioned attendant whose sense of humor reminded me of the Old Spice Guy.

On to my second flight, out of Charlotte. From the very beginning I knew I wouldn't be sleeping on this one. My row companions were the perfect travel buddies. Throughout the trip we were entertained by three very vocal row companions (lets just call them row 21). Behind me, by the window, was an older woman ("the artist"), beside her in the center, a middle aged man, ("the plastic surgeon") and last, on the isle a girl ("the teen athlete"). The conversations that Row 21 talked about had even row 19 chuckling. I kept getting these goofy grins from the guy across that said "can you believe what he/she just said?". Some tips I picked up from Row 21. Don't go to Brazil to get a boob lift and tummy tuck. It may cost $2,000 but you will regret it in the end when one hangs lower then the other. "Plastic Surgeon" can see right through your clothes, he notices your boobs, tummy, everything! Don't smoke ____ (enter drug here) when creating art. And that is about all of the ridiculousness that I can remember. I've omitted some quite nasty growth removal stories that I do remember. Quite distasteful.


In Phoenix I picked up the shuttle to Camp Verde and now I am here.

We have had such a wonderful evening catching up. Dad and I have come up with a rough plan for our driving trip as well.

Oh, and this evenings highlight, watching a momma skunk with her three babies feed in the back yard on some corn cobs. I was surprised how little they all were, smaller then a cat. The babies didn't play very long, but ran off in a little row, their tails in the air. It was quite comical and looked like something from a Disney movie. Momma stayed and ate her corn. She wasn't scared of us.

Well tomorrow I will be sure to update you again. Night!