Arizona & California: Day 14-15

Yesterday was spent enjoying the company of family friends, the Eastwoods. We had a fantastic time at the dog park with their sweet Jack Russel Terrier named Einstein. We got to meet some of his friends there and even witnessed his tree climbing skills.

Today we drove out to Yosemite National Park. The drive in was long and winding. At each turn and rise of the hill you think we must be here by now. After the gate the first spectacular view was right after a long tunnel. You may recognize this iconic view if you've done any reading on Yosemite.

The photo below was taken as we were leaving the park and the sun was setting.

Our second notable stop was at a swinging bridge with a view of Yosemite Falls.

We ate lunch at the gorgeous Ahwahnee Hotel. Quite fancy and very tasty. I usually am not the type to photograph my food, actually never, but this time was the exception and the taste was quite exceptional.

Once finished with lunch we went for a walk to several bridges. While cutting through off the paved path I ran into a snake. I do have to admit I was quite startled, mostly because I thought he was a stick and second I didn't want to step on him. I would have felt horrible if I had. Apparently he was just a gofer snake, about as round as a man's thumb and no longer then a few feet. Below are some photos from our walk.

Yosemite Falls was our first stop after lunch. We took a shuttle from the hotel where we had lunch to the falls and then walked up to the bottom falls. There it was quite wet from all the mist. My best shots were taken after we had moved away from all the water.

Next, Bridal Veil Falls as we were leaving the park after a little shopping. Bridal Veil Falls was my favorite waterfall with the double rainbow I was able to catch. Also some shots of the water flowing beneath the bridges at the base.