Arizona & California: Day 11-12

Yesterday, day 11, was a wonderfully relaxing day spent visiting, fixing a few things around the place (mostly computer related) and working a bit on the website I've mentioned previously. All in all a very good day. Today, day 12 of my trip, was traveling again. We left at noon after some long good byes. This morning I had the pleasure of showing Dorman (I keep calling him my grandpa but I call him by his first name. As a child he was "Papa Bear", and still is to me in my heart, though I have to be a grown up now.) how to play Minecraft. He is 84 years old and quite sharp! He caught on in no time and so we built a wall and I showed him how to fly.

Vivian's (Granny) garden is beginning to bloom.

Once on our way our route took us up to Flagstaff and then over to Barstow on I40, Fresno is our final destination tomorrow. At one point we took a detour onto route 66 and it was well worth it. Our first find off the historic highway was a crater in Amboy. We passed a sign reading "Amboy Crater" and dad did a beautiful 1 point u-turn when I remarked on the sign. Sure enough there was a huge crater, volcanic not meteor, with lots of dark porus lava rock around the area. It was quite surreal. See for yourself:

The hill above is the crater. I would love to have walked into it but the hiking guide said it would be close to 3 hours. We didn't have that kind of time.

Route 66, for the most part, followed the train tracks, miles and miles of it.

And our last stop before getting back on I40 was in Ludlow. We were originally looking for Bagdad but apparently while it is still on the map as a town in 1991 it was torn down. Why, I don't know. In Ludlow I was so happy to find and photograph one of my favorite subjects, abandoned buildings.

13c a gallon! And below, a kitchen fire perhaps. This entire Cafe was about to collapse.

If you're curious about any of the places that we stopped today you can follow our travels via google map.